Hardware products

Birdz designs innovative but industrial IoT products, particularly for smart water. We also partner with the best IoT suppliers in all IoT-related markets, to provide you with the most suitable end-to-end solution.

Our electronics are designed to last 20 years and support small as well as large scale projects. Birdz accompanies you to start small but grow fast ! 

We are proud to partner and resell hardware, network and software products from :

Tekelek TEK839

The Tekelek TEK839 sensor measures the level of solid waste in waste containers to optimize truck collection routes

Nanosense E4000NG

The Nanosense E4000NG sensor measures indoor air quality to monitor building occupant’s comfort.

Adeunis Temp 2S

The Adeunis Temp 2S sensor measures two temperature, indoor and outdoor.

Adeunis Temp Comfort

The Adeunis Temp Comfort sensor measures indoor temperature and humidity to enhance comfort in your buildings.

Gas Trak

The Gas Trak Sensor measures gas consumption on a Homerider or LoRaWAN network.

G3 water meter

The G3 water meter technology allows continuous monitoring of the activity of a water meter.

Temperature Trak

Birdz’s Temperature Trak to monitor temperature on a Homerider network

Tripulse Trak

Birdz Tripulse connects to any electrical, gas or water pulse meter to collect meter index and identify alarms