Tekelek TEK839

The Tekelek TEK839 product is an ultrasonic sensor that measures the level of solid waste in waste containers. The filling levels are collected in Birdz’s IoT Drive software platform and to the Birdz’s Smart Waste solution to optimize waste truck routes.   

Supported Networks

Key features

The Tekelek TEK839 sensor can be mounted on any solid waste container : general waste, glass or carton. With up to 14 years battery lifetime, this sensor is a install-and-forget type of product which is a high-value enabler for waste collection route optimization

Metering values

Container filling level


Battery level

Network signal strenght

Alarms collected

Container almost full

High temperature

Container out of position

Low battery


Predicted date at which the container should be collected

Dashboards in Birdz's IoT Drive data platform

Encrypted data flow