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We are the Leader in Environmental IoT for Cities and Utilities. With 3.4 millions connected devices and 350 million data collected each day, our team of expert helps you get all the benefits of your IoT project. 

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Birdz was a pioneer in the Internet of Things for Cities and Utilities. With its experience of more than 3.4 millions connected objects, Birdz provides its unique savoir-faire to contribute and make cities smarter. At Birdz, we help cities, companies, and utilities to save energy, reduce resource spendings and enhance their services.

Birdz is born from the fusion of m2ocity and Homerider Systems in 2018. Since then, Birdz has acquired companies such as Neroxis and FluksAqua. Birdz now offers more than 20 years of field experience with more than 3300 cities. Birdz is an innovative company : we design hardware, software and networking products, we deploy IoT networks, we develop software, we collect and analyze more than 350 million data each day to identify environmental issues and save ressources on our planet.

Digital smart city
2000 - Creation of Homerider Systems

By two French entrepreneurs, Robert Frati and Dominique Sèze.

2002 - First water meters are connected

Our first smart water project in France.

2010 - First million connected object

1 million smart water meters deployed.

2014 - m2ocity is created

Veolia and Orange create m2ocity to grow the smart water service market together.

2018 - Birdz is created

From the fusion of Homerider & m2ocity.

2019 - More than 3 million IoT devices

Birdz is now the largest provider of IoT for cities and utilities in Europe.

2020 - Birdz extends its offering

Birdz now addresses all smart city topics, from smart water to building energy efficiency, smart waste to air pollution analysis.